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I have been snoring heavily since I was 5 years old.  I tried Pranic Healing on Monday afternoon went home and went to sleep.  My husband said he got up several times during the night to see if I was still breathing because he said i completely stopped snoring. 

-Carmen / Riverside, CA


As a nurse, I know that medications do not always relieve patients from pain. I was shocked when my friend who had chest pains for 6 months found relief from just one Pranic Healing session. The pain never came back

-KBW/ Rancho Cucamonga CA


Rescued a dog that was to be euthanized for aggressive behavior. She was such a hot mess - mistrusting humans, dog aggressive, and severe health issues. Applied Pranic Psychotherapy for her mental and emotional trauma as well as Advanced Pranic Healing techniques for her physical issues and within 2 months she was a completely different dog. The transformation was amazing!  She now is trusting and her physical health much-improved! 


Woman on Window Sill

I suffered a great deal alone. I always felt angry and hate for everyone. In my teen years I became severely depressed and struggled with anxiety. At 21, I reached a breaking point and was taken to a Pranic Healing session. At this point I was completely opened to anything and I’m glad I went. Pranic Healing helped me mentally, I was able to open up and see the light in myself after a few private sessions. I felt as if I flourished and truly had been healed. I know this is something I must work on one day at a time but with my healer's help I have never felt more free and happy, as cliché as it sounds I truly feel as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. 

- Angie / California

Man Back Pian.jpg

I had lower intense back pain since high school, and I my job involves driving many miles everyday and that aggravates my back.  I have tried different seats and chairs, and different back support systems for this problem, and massage therapy.  I saw an advertisement for free Pranic Healing.  I was very skeptical but I was in so much pain I made an appointment and tried Pranic Healing.  After about 45 minutes sitting in a chair that would have made my back hurt, suddenly my lower backpain stopped that was September 25, 2019.  Today if I bend my back in an awkward way I get a "twinge" but as of today August 4, 2021 I still do not have intense lower back pain any more, and I recommend Pranic Healing to others who drive a lot.  

Nestor / San Bernardino, CA


My sister was in an induced coma from a traumatic brain injury. Doctors warned the family that if she recovered, it would be slow and that she would likely not be her "normal" self again. They advised us to brace for a long and difficult rehabilitation once she woke from the coma. She received round-the-clock Pranic Healing (R) sessions and miraculously recovered fully from her injuries. During her first rehab appointment, she walked on a balance beam with perfect balance and no support. She attended only 3 rehab sessions and was back home in 6 weeks. (RP)

RP / Riverside, CA


We took a private boat and were swimming in the ocean just off Ni'ihau, Hawaii when I got stung by a jelly fish. The injury was very painful and the sting left my leg with bright red streaks. My wife immediately applied Pranic Healing and after a few minutes, the red streaks started to lessen and the pain subsided. (I usually carry an Epipen for allergies but did not have this with me during this time.) Was so thankful that I did not experience any allergic reaction and I credit this to the Pranic Healing done promptly after being stung. (TCP)

TCP / Riverside, CA

USA Flag

We were a military family for many years and went through our share of deployments. In 2005, I went from a normal wife/mom, raising my family, and enjoying life to having my husband deploy to Iraq and developing full-on panic attacks, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. I was emotional going bankrupt and barely able to keep myself together. after four years and many emotional ups and downs later, I was introduced to energy healing and experienced firsthand the miracle of Pranic Healing. After my first session my body felt new to me, my mind was calm, and clear, my heart was light, and cheerful, and I was able to sleep throughout the night for the first time. It was amazing! After that, I took Pranic Healing for myself and have never looked back. Pranic Healing was a lifesaver and a blessing for me and my family. May it be a blessing to you and your family as well.

SAE / California


When we did relationship healing in class, I chose my 13 year old son. Not that there was turmoil, but a disconnect. When I walked through the door after class, he greeted me with a big hug, lasting about a minute or more, followed with 3 more hugs. Plus, he wanted to show me a painting he did, with his arm around my shoulders!!! If I knew every language on the planet, I would not be able to thank you enough. 


KP / SR, California

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