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How to navigate through the Potholes in
Marriage, Parenting & Family Dynamics.

Womanhood, Marriage, and Parenting can be tough at any and every stage of development. But what if I told you that all womanhood, marriage, and parenthood all had energetic influences and patterns that run in the background like apps or malware? 

Before 2009, I did not believe in energy, chakras, and especially did not believe in healing modalities. But in December of that year, I have hit an all-time low in my health and well-being. I was a mother of three at the time and my husband was desperately searching the internet for more and more resources to help me overcome insomnia, depression, tiredness, emotional fluxes, and help restore the family.

I was sure that when we left the military lifestyle in 2007, that my health and well-being were going to restore themselves. Clearly, I was wrong. The biggest contributing factor was gone but the patterns from that life were keeping my energy living in the past and I was not getting any better. 



Remember how in the beginning I share with you that womanhood, Marriage, and Parenthood all have energetic patterns that guide, influence, and dictate our behaviors.


these patterns might make us feel like we are running in circles and that's usually followed by the hopeless thought that things might never change.

As a military wife, mother, and scared woman, my patterns of fear and abandonment really took a toll on my mental health during my husband's deployments. I felt like a single mother most of the time and my husband was not as

 emotionally engaged in our lives. We lived the typical life with 2 kids, military housing, minivan, and frustrated at life and one another. I know so many women who are going through this exact situation right at this moment! 


I can't tell you how many years I religiously sat in front of the tv waiting for Oprah or Dr. Phil to share something profound that would transform me into the grateful, happy, loving, joyful, and beautiful wife, mom, and woman I  used to be.   

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 What you will learn

You chose to be a health care professional because of your passion to help others. That passion drives you to
search outside the box for different ways to meet the needs of your patients without draining yourself. We
know you are looking for quality continuing education and/or ways to enhance your knowledge. If you
are looking for:

  • New ways to help patients with challenging physical and emotional needs without draining


  • Lasting healing results for patients, your family, friends, and yourself

  • Something different than the usual continuing education courses

  • An East meets West form of healing that is complementary to Western medicine and traditional


  • Self-care, while improving your own energy level and resilience

Pranic Healing® is Your Next Step

Pranic Healing® is used and studied in hospital and medical practices throughout the world, including
Kaiser Hospitals, Barnes Jewish Hospital, USC College of Nursing, Azusa Pacifica College of Nursing
and other healthcare organizations, universities, and facilities. Continued study and great success on
PTSD at Fort Bliss in Texas, and with head injuries with the Miami Dolphins, has given Pranic Healing®
a great reputation for consistency and efficacy in a variety of settings in conjunction with orthodox

Pranic Healing® is recognized by the California State Board of Registered Nurses for continuing
education credits and has been accredited for M.D.s/D.O.s, Ph.D./PsyD, LCSWs, LMFTs. LAc and other
professional boards for re-licensure in California.

Pranic Healing® is a highly developed and comprehensive system of energy-based healing emphasizing no-
touch healing techniques, backed up with over 30 years of research and on-going evaluation. Using prana
or energy, Pranic Healers use energetic techniques to accelerate the body’s innate ability to heal.

When the energy field is blocked or imbalanced, it may manifest as illness, discomfort, and, if neglected
long enough, dis-ease.

Since it is non-touch, it is highly effective for those who do not react well to touch. Anyone can learn to
heal using this step-by-step approach.

After completing Pranic Healing® Level 1 you can:


  • Immediately start healing energetically using the step-by-step techniques

  • Identify energetic anatomy and how it relates to physical anatomy

  • Learn valuable healer hygiene…ways to clean and recharge yourself energetically

  • Learn how distance healing is possible and effective

Course Description for State of California Continuing Education Credits: Board of Registered Nurses
(BRN) Provider Number 15465. BRN Course Topics for Pranic Healing Level 1 (white prana, healer
hygiene, in-person and distant healing, self-healing), Advanced Pranic Healing (Level 2, color pranas
with Advanced techniques), and the Pranic Psychotherapy (Level 3, techniques specific to the energy of

emotional/behavioral/mental/psychological ailments) are available by contacting and ,, . CEs are included within the course tuition.

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I'm Sarai 

Sarai Enriquez is a personal student of Master Co.  She teaches Pranic Healing® Level 1 in Fontana, Victorville, Adelanto, Apple Valley and Hesperia in English and Spanish. She has been translating Pranic Healing® Classes, workshops and retreats for Master Co and Kei Okubo since 2010. She has co-taught SuperBrain Yoga® in schools, churches and yoga studios throughout the Inland Empire . Sarai offers Pranic Healing® Classes,  Introductions to Pranic Heling workshops, and Free Community Healing Clinics in English and Spanish.

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